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Advances in medicine and technology come when funding is there. Our nonprofit provides medical funding support for some of the leading associations working to help alleviate heart conditions.


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Our Story

The Matthew Carter Heart Foundation in Mesa, Arizona, is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing medical research assistance to help in the detection and treatment of congenital heart disease. Having experience in the medical field, we understand what it takes to fund medical research, and the impact that is desired.

Our foundation was born from a personal experience. Our founder, Deana, lost her son to a congenital heart condition. We are truly dedicated to helping further medical research for children and adults with heart conditions. Join us in our dedication and mission.

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The Matthew Carter Heart Foundation is a very heart felt non profit organization. Our goal is to provide funding to help aid the quality of research. First and foremost, we provide contributions to aid medical research with the American Heart Association & the Arizona Heart Institute. We will work together to detect, and find a cure for Congenital Heart Defects. Our Foundation will also create fundraisers, events, and charity gatherings which involve the community and bring people together for this great cause and so much more. We stand apart from other Foundations, for the simple reason our dedication and passion, will make a difference. Please help us win the fight against Congenital Heart Defects. Who knows, the next child we help save, could be yours!
Deana Moody born March 21st, 1964 in Anderson, Indiana. At age 17 her family relocated to Mesa, Arizona. She has been a resident of Arizona for 32 years. Deana raised her three children here. With her back ground in Medical Asstisting and Emergency Medical Training, she has seen countless situations where medical technology and modern medicine were unable to save a life. As a mother, she also has experienced it first hand. No parent should ever have to go through that tragedy. Her son, Matthew Carter, is the reason for this Foundation. When Deana lost Matthew, she knew that not every life has to be lost. The Matthew Carter Heart Foundation is now helping make a difference.
Deana Moody learned that Matthew Carter was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called “Transposition of the Greater Arteries”. He somehow survived several open heart surgeries. But Tragedy hit on Aug.3rd, 2010 when her son Matthew passed away. Now, it is her goal and dream to help other children with Heart Defects, and she will not stop until there is a cure.
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter was born December 22nd, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona, He was born blue and not breathing. Yes, he was born with a Congenital Heart Defect,  Matthew had to be placed on a ventilator until he was two weeks old and strong enough to have his first open heart surgery. Matthew was developmentally delayed growing up. Due to a total of 8 open heart surgeries his challenges continued. He endured many throughout his life.
He was teased and bullied at school. He could not do simple things like other children when he was growing up, such as play outside in the heat, or play any contact sports. Also, any hard impact to his chest could have taken his life.
Matthew had such a great spirit about him, when he was younger he would always say to his mom, when it was time to have surgery… “Mom, I will be ok, don’t worry, I will see you soon”.
His dream growing up was to play football, but because of his heart challenges, he could not play contact sports. So he decided, if he couldn’t play football, then he would coach it.
Matthew loved football, people, places and positive situations. He appreciated these things because life provided him so few of them. He never got to fulfill his dream, but this brave young man endured more in such a short time, than most people do in a lifetime.
We are trying to save lives, ONE heart at a time, and we need your help.
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